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ISBN: 9780192734297

FILENAME: At Home with Punctuation (7-9).pdf

PUBLISH DATE: 06 Jun 2013

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At Home With Punctuation is a fun activity workbook for children, aged 7-9 years, to do at home. Using different themes and a variety of progressive tasks such as filling in missing words and punctuation marks, copying, and building sentences, children learn about the correct use of commas, apostrophes, speech marks, contractions, capital letters, and much more. The 2-colour illustrations and highlighted words encourage development of literacy skillsin a fun and easy way. The illustrated step-by-step activities are age-appropriate for children to work through on their own, or equally perfect to do together with an adult giving encouragement. Useful tips support adults so that they can encourage learning gently - plus there are more than enough funky stickers toreward your child as they complete each activity! This book is ideal to build confidence in writing at primary school.

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